• Powdercoating

    Restore your metal fencing, outdoor furniture, car parts and other metal items with durable powdercoating. Whether you want to coat and protect new items, renew an antique or modernise old iron fencing, our specialists will pay attention to every detail, leaving you with a lasting finish.

    Powdercoating acts as a durable option to restore the look of your metal. The coating we use is solvent free, meaning it‘s free of harmful vapours and fumes, and is both family and environmentally friendly.

    Powdercoating creates a seamless finish!

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  • Sandblasting

    At Rockhampton Powdercoating & Fence Panels, our sandblasting services will make your old metal ready for a new coat!

    Sandblasting prepares your metal for powdercoating by removing old paint, chrome and rust. This technique involves the use of grit propelled at high speeds to abrasively clean surfaces.

    Give your metals a great finish and submit an enquiry today!

  • Fencing

    The right fence will add style, security and value to your property. At Rockhampton Powdercoating & Fence Panels, we supply fencing to suit all budgets and purposes, including pool enclosures.

    We supply top-quality aluminium fencing, colorbond fencing, glass fencing, and much more. All our fences meet the latest legal standards, providing peace of mind for your family.

  • Fencing

    Ensure your swimming pool meets Queensland regulations without detracting from the aesthetics of your property. Made from high tensile aluminium and tested to comply with Australian regulations, you won't get better value for money.


Whether you are choosing a business to enhance the features of your home, garden or workplace; or wanting to protect children and prevent them from accessing an unsupervised pool and so giving you peace of mind, you cannot go wrong dealing with people who have the resources and the experience to provide you with the best possible outcome.

At Rockhampton Powdercoating & Fence Panels, we will refresh your old metal items with our sandblasting and powdercoating services. We also supply fencing for professional installations and DIY projects.

Powdercoating provides a long-lasting finish to any type of steel. Our high-pressure sandblasting services remove all traces of rust, and previous surface coatings, preparing the surface for a fresh new coat.

Our high-pressuresandblasting services remove all traces of rust and previous surface coatings, preparing the surface for a fresh new coat.

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